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The Calming Corner


When we feel anxious, stressed out, overwhelmed, angry, or scared, our brains release the chemicals adrenaline and cortisol.  In small amounts, these chemicals are good because they help us with the Fight or Flight response when we are in danger. But when we have too many of these chemicals, it makes it difficult to think clearly or focus.  Research has shown that the best ways to shut down the release of those stress hormones is through 1) Deep belly breathing, 2) Rhythm/Movement activities, and 3) Sensory Stimulation.  


The Calming Corner is an area in the guidance office where students can come to “reset” and calm their brains.  It is full of items and activities that focus on breathing, rhythm/movement, and their senses (things they can smell and touch and hear).  If a student feels like they need a quiet place to calm down, they just have to let their teachers know that they need to use the Calming Corner and come down with a pass.