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Teacher Resources

Link to Resource Description of the Resource
Understanding Trauma: Learning Brain vs Survival Brain 5 minute video for teachers
Neuro-Plasticity,Resilience & Kids in Pain  
Resources How Brains are Built, 4 minutes
Hope, Mattering, and Moving Forward Hope, Mattering, and Moving Forward, 1 hour
Every Kids Needs a Champion 8 minutes, Rita Pierson, Every Kid Needs a Champion
The Power of a Teacher | Adam Saenz | TEDxYale Adam Saenz, 18 minutes
Inspirational Video- Be a Mr. Jensen- MUST WATCH!! 3 minutes 
7 Ways to Spark Engagement article Dr. Lori Desautel’s website, articles, videos, strategies, podcasts, books, educator wellness, toxic stress/trauma
Secondary Template:  Building Community, Connection, and Social and Emotional Skills (first few days back to school) Building Community, Connection, Resilience, and Social and Emotional Skills
Coronavirus and My Anxiety as an Educator article
Brain Based Learning Eric Jensen article and link to free download for top 10 brain based teaching strategies
Making Sure Each Child Is Known 3 minutes
10 Things About Childhood Trauma 10 Things About Childhood Trauma Every Teacher Needs To Know, article
Trauma Sensitivity Before Initiatives Trauma Sensitivity Before Initiatives, article
How Trauma Affects Kids in School how trauma affects kids in school, article
Stress: Its Neurological Implication on Learning article
Take a Test  implicit bias test, Do you have implicit bias on issues such as race or gender?