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Calming Exercises and Videos

Explanation of the amygdala and why deep breathing helps, practices square breathing, muscle relaxation, visualization, thoughts/feelings/behaviors connection, 7 minutes

Nature time lapse, 5 minutes, take deep breaths while watching

7 minute breathing octagon with music

9 minute breathing exercise, nature pictures, take deep breaths while listening

Relaxed breathing training, cartoon fish, 1 minute

Relaxed breathing training, colored lights, 1 minute

10 hours of thunder and rain sounds

3 hours of soothing sounds, (ASMR) Autonomous sensory meridian response

4-7-8 breathing, 3 minutes

4-7-8 breathing cartoon, 4 minutes

30 second Breath Bubble

Balloon meditation, 3 minutes

Relaxed breathing training, hot air balloon, 1 minute

3 minutes

3 hours of relaxing music and nature scenes

3 hours of relaxing music and nature scenes