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Scholarship / Financial Aid Information Scholarships and financial aid can be obtained through four major avenues: Federal and State Aid (FAFSA), specific colleges/universities, merit based competitive scholarships, and local scholarships.

Specific Colleges and Universities - Just about every post-secondary institution that you apply to will offer scholarships and financial aid for incoming freshmen. These opportunities are not available through the high school guidance office but rather by contacting the college or university’s Office of Financial Aid. The webpage of the college or university that you are considering should have a link to incoming freshman scholarships and the steps needed to apply. These scholarships are going to be more competitive at the major state universities (IU, Purdue). Private colleges/universities tend to offer more opportunities for scholarships to help offset the much higher tuition costs. Bottom line: Contact the college or universities Office of Financial Aid.·

Merit-based Competitive Scholarships - These scholarships are funded through numerous organizations, some local and some national. Scholarships can also be found by going to websites like or These two sites have over 800,000 different scholarships for high school seniors.

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